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Attorneys Fees

  1. SEO Mos Def Busted by WA State Atty General: $450,000 Penalty Looms

    They will pay a $118,386 civil penalty and $35,959 in attorneys' fees. Customers paid $999-$3,000 in “set-up” fees and a $149 monthly fee. The company must contact these customers and offer them a full refund of all funds paid to defendants...

  2. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 2)

    This next article covers important tips and tactics by online intellectual property attorneys, and legal counsel for the search engines, for both protecting your own copyrighted material and respecting the copyrights of others.

  3. Copyright Law: What Search Marketers Should Know (Part 1)

    Part II of this article series on copyright law for search marketers will focus on tips and tactics from attorneys and the search engines on protecting your copyrighted material. While registration of a copyright is not a requirement for legal...

  4. Google Wins Case Against Maughan Over Search Results Snippets

    Google won the case, and was also rewarded $23,000 in attorneys' fees and costs. Eric Goldman reports that Google has won the Maughan v. Google case where Mark Maughan filed a suit against Google for the content displayed in the snippets area under...

  5. Advertiser Files Complaint To Block Google Click Fraud Settlement

    LOS ANGELES, CALIF.Advertisers have only days to opt out of a click fraud settlement agreement negotiated between Google and attorneys representing DON'T FEAR GOOGLE, SAY CLICK FRAUD ATTORNEYS; ADVERTISERS HAVE ONLY DAYS TO

  6. Search Engines and Trademark Issues

    One swift follow up with a cease and desist order from your attorneys should quickly take care of any trademark infringement or copyright issues that arise. Catherine Seda, of Seda Communications, contended that poorly managed affiliates can lead...