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Attacks On World Trade Center

  1. Search Engine Embargoes Keywords in Wake of Terror Attacks

    The firm took action in response to a "dramatic spike" in the number of "inappropriate" listings being sought after the terrorist attacks on September 11th, according to Tom Weedon, Senior Director of Relevance and head of Overture's relevance team.

  2. Search Resources About Terrorist Attacks

    Following the horrific attacks on New York and Washington DC, I did an article about how search engines reacted to the catastrophe and the best way to locate disaster information using them. That article is below, along with several others that...

  3. Finding Disaster Coverage At Search Engines

    To solve this, Google changed again about six hours after the attacks, adding a special link that appeared in response to a search for "world trade center. Because of this, searches for things like "world trade center" will probably still reflect...