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  1. SEO Keyword Strategy for Fashion Ecommerce Websites: It’s All About Trends

    The First Ladies on both sides of the Atlantic have proven to set style preferences as well. Fashionista Marie picks up her favorite magazine, covering the top 10 hot trends for spring. Scan a magazine rack today and you can’t miss a cover shoot of...

  2. Generating Revenue From Outsourced Local Search

    A telecom, information technology , and local advertising media veteran, David has held leadership positions at Bell Atlantic Information Services, Innovectra Corporation, American Management Systems, and MCI Corporation.

  3. Emcee James Fallows Expects Blogorrhea Leaks Of Google Zeitgeist 05

    Webster sends me word that in the current edition of transAtlantic, a rundown of happenings related to The Atlantic magazine by that publication, "Google Zeitgeist 05" emcee James Fallows is expecting news of the off-the-record event to leak out.