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Association American University Presses

  1. More Publishing Trade Groups Weigh In On Changes to Google's Library Scanning Project

    On August 19th, the Association of American University Presses (AAUP) issued a statement. Shortly after Google announced some changes to their library scanning project, the Association of Amercican Publishers said they weren't pleased (see: Google...

  2. Publishers' Group Asks Google To Halt Scanning For 6 Months

    Late last month, we blogged about another trade group, The Association of American University Presses, sending a letter to Google expressing their concerns about the Google Library program. Publishers' Group Asks Google to Stop Scanning...

  3. Search Engine Forums Spotlight

    Association of American University Presses' Position On Google Search Engine Watch Forums What I dislike is the suggestion that somehow copyright is different for scholarly works, libraries or just print material.

  4. Forget Google Print Copyright Infringement; Search Engines Already Infringe

    Gary blogged earlier about the Association of American University Presses having concerns that Google The association's letter highlights this case in its argument against what Google is doing: Print's digital library program may be equal to...