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Association American Publishers

  1. Audience Targeting Strategies for LinkedIn Ads

    Within the example above, you could create a campaign that targets all of the companies that are currently members of the American Marketing Association (AMA). Partner websites may include website publishers in the Google Doubleclick Ad Exchange.

  2. Google Books Makes a Deal with France's Top Publisher

    Google has been unable to win such deals with U.S.publishers, and is currently involved in litigation with the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. Meanwhile, Google is looking to establish similar deals with other French...

  3. Google Book Settlement Raises Eyebrows in Europe

    The deal that Google made with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP) includes European authors who have been published in the States. Google's book settlement in the US is not sitting well with some in Europe.

  4. SearchDay | Small Business Site Architecture

    Google Reaches Agreement with Authors, Publishers for Book Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 28, 2008 Google has reached an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which represented a broad class of...

  5. SearchDay: What Are You Converting?

    Local Online Advertising Does Best on Local Media Sites Posted by Nathania Johnson Aug 20, 2008 When it comes to local advertising, the best conversions come from local media sites, such as newspaper and tv station sites, according to a new report...

  6. Highlights from the SEW Blog: March 17-21, 2008

    The association also revealed a change in the amount of time board members serve. Google Increases Lead in Share of All American SearchescomScore qSearch data for February portrays Google as PacMan. So what happens if Google stops sending searchers...

  7. Search Headlines & Links: September 13, 2006

    Google's blogging (and here) about how it is supporting the 25th anniversary of the American Library Association's Banned Book Week by posting information about novels that have been challenged or banned from being in libraries within the...