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  1. Ask Jeeves Opens European R&D Center; Several Interesting Live Demos and Papers by AJ R&D Center Leader Also Available

    We've been posting about several new R&D centers from Yahoo and Google in the past few week's and today we've learned that Ask Jeeves has opened an R&D center in Pisa, Italy. The research center will serve as Ask Jeeves' European hub for search...

  2. Ask Jeeves Adds Translations, Pronunciations & Synonym Lookups

    Details and examples have just been posted on the AJ Blog. Along with reading a text definition, AJ allows you to hear each word pronounced (assuming your computer has a sound card and speakers/headphones).

  3. Japan's Government Forms Study Group To Determine if Country Should Launch Its Own Search Engine

    Both the AP and Agence France Press report that Japan's government is asking both the business and education/research sectors if the country should develop its own search engine technology and a service that's "unique to Japan" to compete with AJ...

  4. Ask Jeeves Plans to Grow Personnel Ranks in 2006

    Jonathan Berr, reports in The story: Diller Asks Jeeves to Grow, that AJ management has been charged by IAC/InterActive CEO, Barry Diller, to grow the company in terms of personnel. AJ's CEO, Steve Berkowitz, tells Berr to look for an...

  5. Web Search History: Before Google Answers and Yahoo Answers There Was "Answer Point" From Ask Jeeves

    I've sent a note to Jim Lanzone, Senior Vice President of Search Properties at AJ, and asked if he could provide a bit more background about the service itself. Btw, Australia also has a national virtutal reference service named Ask Us.

  6. Buys "Answer Extraction" Engine Brainboost for $4 Million in Cash and Some Shares of Restricted Stock

    Here is a question (Where is Diego Garcia) answered by a AJ Web Answer. Postscript: Ask Jeeves in July launched Web Answers that mines or extracts the open web for "answers" in real-time. This is not to be confused with Ask's Smart Answer program...