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  1. 3 Steps to Create Buyer Personas & Buyer Journeys to Kick-Start Your Content Strategy

    While the child will ultimately be the one using it, the parent is the one you need to create content for because they'll be the one purchasing. This also will show you the key things they find important, which helps you in your messaging of why...

  2. Google's Your Money or Your Life Search Quality Ratings: What Webmasters Need to Know

    Ensure the your website has a way for visitors to find out more information about how to get in touch with someone from the website, whether it's a "contact us" page, an "about us" page, or (in the case of a parent company) a link to a corporate...

  3. Search Industry Call to Arms: SOPA, Keyword Not Provided and Lying SEOs

    Mike Grehan, Global VP - Content for Incisive Media (our parent company) doesn’t think we should sweat it and said, "Many blacksmiths had to move on and retrain when demand demised after the introduction of automotive transport.

  4. Is One-Stop Media Buying a Failed Model?

    In other words, use the power of the parent brand to launch your sibling products but leave the world dominator attitude at home. Another great product before its time, the Tucker Automobile Company didn't fare well in the long term.

  5. Obama to Nominate Former IAC Executive as FCC Chairman

    IAC is the parent company of President-elect Barack Obama is planning to nominate former IAC executive Julius Genachowski as FCC Chairman, according to the Wall Street Journal. Before his stint at IAC, Genachowski was Chief Counsel to...

  6. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    IAC, parent company of, splits into five companies. He will remain in the position until a replacement is found and then will remain at the company as Chief Yahoo. After rumors of a possible acquisition, Microsoft and Facebook simply...