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  1. Latin American Search Market Poised for Growth

    Why we need librarians, or tagging vs folksonomy, some explanations, on Trends, Freshness, Personalization, and Better Search Results, SEO by the Sea In the last 12 months, Latin America has become a number-one priority for...

  2. Q&A With's Gary Price

    Gary Price: It's been said that I am the new butler, but I am just a librarian and a member of the team K-12 people, whether it be the school librarian, or the teacher in the classroom, can often benefit (like most people) from a little bit...

  3. Daily SearchCast, May 25, 2006: Google To Get Dayparting; Affiliate Sites Have New Worries From Google; YahooBay? eBayhoo? Not Quite, But The Two Are Partnering & More!

    Having Gary Price on board was a huge help in better serving our searcher audience, since his background was as a librarian -- you know, those human search engines that have helped people for thousands of years.