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  1. Do Weak Links Reveal Powerful Opportunities?

    Links pointing to each domain are algorithmically assigned to a primary topic – arts, business, computers, health, home, and so on. In his excellent little book Linked, published in 2002, Albert Barabasi reports on an experiment conducted by Mark...

  2. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    The University of Florida is the first of its kind to offer a Masters of Arts in Mass Communication with a focus on Social Media. That is if you're selling digital marketing services in the form of social media, content marketing, analytics, or...

  3. Google Wins Book Lawsuit: Judge Rules Digitization Service 'Fair Use'

    It advances the progress of the arts and sciences, while maintaining respectful consideration for the rights of authors and other creative individuals, and without adversely impacting the rights of copyright holders," he said, adding that it had...

  4. Google Doodle Honors Social Work Pioneer Jane Addams and Hull House in Chicago

    The Doodle depicts a pastel drawing of Hull House in Chicago, showing children being educated, being cared for by a physician, and celebrating the arts. A Google Doodle today celebrates one of the pioneering United States social workers, Jane Addams.

  5. Animated Google Doodle Commemorates Influential Composer Claude Debussy

    Debussy began piano lessons as a child and entered into the arts college Conservatoire de Paris at the young age of 10. Today, Google celebrates famous French composer Achille-Claude Debussy, who was born on this date 151 years ago, with an...

  6. More Than 100,000 Sellers Have Inventory in New Google Shopping Model

    Handmade arts and crafts site Etsy is one of those early-adopter marketplaces. Since they announced the transition to a paid model for Product Search results in May, Google has worked hard to drive merchants to the new program.

  7. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    The word “lethal” immediately triggered expectations of extremely masculine, mixed martial arts type language imagery. With a video or photos of women taking martial arts classes, or throwing an attacker, or sticking their fingers into some bad guy...

  8. 8 Rules of A/B Testing – The Art in Marketing Science

    Testing is one of the core marketing arts a marketer should master and practice. Data! Data! he cried impatiently. I can't make bricks without clay. Sherlock Holmes, “The Adventure of the Copper Beeches”