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Arizona Cardinals

  1. Social Media in the NFL

    The Arizona Cardinals and New York Giants don't, but rather than ignoring Twitter, as the Colts do, they both list alternative Twitter accounts. The Cardinals push the CardsChatter account, and the Giants highlight Pat Hanlon's account.

  2. Super Bowl 2010 commercials featured (again) on YouTube AdBlitz

    According to Nielson Company, the 2009 game was the most-watched Super Bowl ever, with 98.7 million viewers watching the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Arizona Cardinals. Would marketers be smarter to take the money they'll spend on Super Bowl 2010...

  3. 170 million Americans watched 30 billion online videos in November

    According to an article by Johnny Diaz in The Boston Globe entitled, "Sitting this one out," the 2009 Super Bowl was the most watched game ever, with 98.7 million total viewers tuned in to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers defeat the Arizona Cardinals...