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  1. Google Censorship Ruling in Canada Has Worldwide Implications

    In May, Argentinian model Maria Belen Rodriguez took both Google and Yahoo to court to demand the search engines remove images linking her to pornographic sites. Search engine censorship seems to be a topic that is popping up left and right in...

  2. Nuances of Spanish Language Search Marketing

    If you ever want to see an Argentinian go ballistic on you, then call him a Mexican. Not all Spanish-speaking countries are alike. This should be obvious – after all, not all English-speaking countries are alike.

  3. In Search for New Pope, Vatican Embraced Twitter, Facebook & Google

    The webpage listed for his Facebook is an Argentinian-based site dedicated to the former Archbishop and now current pope. As a central symbol of Catholicism and leader of the Catholic Church, the pope has been the subject of much news in recent...

  4. Google Reveals Argentina, South Korea Investigations

    Google said that the Argentinian probe was related to its search and advertising businesses. Google was forced by an Argentinian court last year to censor anti-Semitic search results and suggestions. Google has disclosed a pair of ongoing...