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Archive Digitized

  1. Twitter Helps Prove That Fame Isn't Fleeting

    Luckily for them, to help with this they had access to Google's digitized news archive, which stretches back 250 years. The researchers then set about using tools to pick out people's names from this vast archive – some of which is stored as...

  2. Celebrate the Life and Work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. With New Digitized Newspaper Database

    It contains more than 50,000 digitized original newspaper pages (keyword searchable). This archive/database (FREE) chronicles the life and work of Dr. The archive includes stories from days of the Montgomery bus boycott, the I Have A Dream speech...

  3. Cool! Offers Video Access to Over 100 Years of History

    Newsplayer offers searchable access to digitized film of historical events from the past 100 years (more or less). The British Pathe News Archive offers free (for non-commerical use) thousands of hours of both stills and streaming content.

  4. Google Makes Digitized Archive of Interviews with TV Legends Available Online

    Google is beginning to digitize an archive of interviews of key people in tv history. Google is working with the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation to digitize and make accessible interviews from the Foundation's Archive of American...

  5. Google Print Press Review & Just A Bit About Search Inside the Book

    Of course, once "it's all" digitized, Google might be in place to work with publishers to sell downloadable electronic copies of books. Jefferson Graham's USA Today article, Google Print project inspires fans, fears, provides a first class and well...

  6. Complete Boston Globe Archive Set for Digitization

    Word from the AP that the complete archive (both text and images) of the Boston Globe will be digitized and made full text searchable by ProQuest, a well-known database publisher. The Times of London archive has been digitized by Gale back to 1785.