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Approval Rating

  1. Data not judgement required for Nordic banks' Basel approach

    There was the prestige associated with it and an expectation in the market, among rating agencies and others, that we could get approval. The stakes are high – getting advanced IRB approval can make a huge difference to capital requirements and...

  2. Solvency II - CEIOPS report contributor warns against regulatory arbitrage

    Inconsistency in the approval of internal models could lead to regulatory arbitrage, warned a key figure in the drafting of a CEIOPS report on the state of internal modelling in the EU insurance and pensions industries.

  3. UK Pensions - Surplus fund gives Rank pension windfall after buyout

    With Rank having a credit rating of BB-, there was also trustee concern about the future covenant. The surplus will then be used to pay the expenses incurred as part of transferring the scheme to third party ownership, subject to the approval of...