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Applied Semantics

  1. Machine Learning Basics for Better Content & SEO Results

    One end result is a more rapid development of complex understanding by machines – the heart of semantics. Machine Learning Applied to Search Queries and Ranking If not, it'll be helpful to any SEO or content writer to understand.because they're the...

  2. Google AdSense For Domains Program Overdue For Reform -- And Yahoo & Microsoft Should Also Take Note

    Google Buys Applied Semantics from Search Engine Watch covers how Google inherited the DomainPark program when it purchased Applied Semantics back in 2003. When Google acquired it, the program helped Applied Semantics become one of Overture's top...

  3. Google IPO To Happen, Files For Public Offering

    Google bought Applied Semantics in April 2003 for $102 million, $41.5 million of which was in cash. Below, Search Engine Watch provides a highlight of interesting information out of the filing. For more traditional coverage, see the story from our...

  4. Yahoo To Buy Overture

    Overture was further hurt by the loss of an important distribution partner, Applied Semantics, which Google purchased in April. April 4th 2011, Alltheweb is officially shut down Sun Officially Sets on AlltheWeb Search