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  1. How Will Voice Search Change SEO for Local Stores & Global Enterprises?

    Yandex has always been ahead of the curve – it currently has a voice search option within their search engine and has been using their voice technology for other applications. Baidu and Sogou recently launched their voice assistant applications...

  2. Google, Mozilla Accuse Microsoft of Restricting Browser Choice in Windows 8

    Windows RT, along with other Windows 8 versions, will effectively have two distinct environments; one for Metro-style applications and a "classic" desktop, which is needed to support legacy applications on x86 systems.

  3. Smartphone banking has limited mobility

    We think this trend is happening as a by-product of the increasing ubiquity of applications on mobile, led by the iPhone and lately Google’s Android. Where would a fraudster decide to do harm: the Apple platform, on Android, Windows Mobile or...

  4. Yahoo! Doesn't Know What Will Happen with BOSS; YUI, YQL and Pipes Unaffected by Deal

    For example, the Windows Mobile operating system was been open to developers for years before the iPhone came on the scene. search technology for their sites and applications. One of the biggest questions regarding the new Microsoft-Yahoo!