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  1. Google as Your Identity Provider: Where Are We Now?

    Pandora trusts my Identity Provider (IdP) and I am allowed site access. The Identity Ecosystem as the NSTIC is commonly referred to consists of the following actors: The User (or Me), the Relying Party (RP) and the Identity Provider (IdP) who...

  2. Google Rolls Out Car Insurance Comparison Shopping in UK

    Early in the summer, the info box that appeared on hovering over the information icon on the listings read in part, “We may be compensated when the user clicks to contact, fills out an application with, and/or receives a product from a product...

  3. Google April Fools' Day Pranks 2012: 8-Bit Maps, Chrome Multitask Mode & More!

    The Toilet Internet Service Provider (TiSP) project was a self-installed, ad-supported online service that was offered entirely free to any consumer with a WiFi-capable PC and a toilet connected to a local municipal sewage system.

  4. Google Stops Redirecting China Queries to Hong Kong Site In Hope For Licence Renewal

    At stake: its ability to apply for - and hopefully obtain - the renewal of its Internet Content Provider (ICP) licence with the Chinese authorities. However, addressing the issue in a blog post, David Drummond, SVP, Corporate Development and Chief...

  5. Local Search Localeze Launches Business Registration Manager To Boost Customer Confidence

    Localeze, the business listings identity management provider for local search, has launched its Business Registration Manager service that validates ownership of a business' online identity. The web application gives complete 24/7 access to update...

  6. Google Behind Tool to Detect ISP Blocking

    M-Lab is designed to help detect whether an internet service provider (ISP) is blocking an internet application. It's no secret that Google is an avid supporter of net neutrality legislation. Now, in an effort to further their cause, they've...

  7. Of Local Search, Love Meters, and Raking Leaves

    Local product data provider Krillion announced it will distribute ads and product inventory content across's hyper-local news network (claims 16 million unique visitors). This week also saw the launch of a new iPhone voice search...

  8. Landing Page Optimization -- Insource or Outsource? Part 2

    As a general rule, free tools or Internet-hosted application service provider (ASP) testing solutions are simpler and have fewer capabilities than some of the advanced testing platforms developed by full-service testing companies.