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  1. Defining Authorship: The Difference Between Contributors and Guest Authors

    In 2007, Bill Slawski, questioned: This patent application describes a system where that might be a possibility. Being a contributing author, with a recurring content profile on a site, has more value than just what it will bring in terms of search.

  2. Google Warns of Upcoming Exact Match Domain Algorithm Change

    Bill Slawski wrote an excellent post on a patent for a method of detecting commercial queries, secured by Google in October 2011. Slawski points out that a sentence near the end of the patent application opens the process up for uses on other...

  3. Yahoo Patent App Sheds Light on SEO Priorities

    A recent patent application from Yahoo highlights several factors that Yahoo itself proposes to use for optimizing Web pages for its search engine, according to the ever-vigilant patent-watcher Bill Slawski.

  4. Reciprocal Links And Yahoo: Some Interesting Reading

    Okay I would not have bothered to read Yahoo's latest patent on reciprocal links if it were not for two blog posts by Bill Slawski and David Harry. Bill, on the other hand, gets the tip of the hat for his detail in simplifying various link related...

  5. SearchDay: SERP Position: It Ain't Horseshoes

    Yahoo Registers Meal Search Patent Posted by Frank Watson Jun 28, 2008 Bill Slawski, of SEO by The Sea, has uncovered another patent filing. Bill's article gives a much better interpretation than I ever could and should be read.

  6. New Search Patent Filings: October 4, 2006 - Using Google to find the Cable Guy

    This first patent application discusses the use of self organizing maps to increase search relevancy. US Patent Application 20060218138 This next patent application is a companion filing to that one, and relies upon the same technology to help with...

  7. New Search Patent Filings: August 29, 2006 - Yahoo looks at Interactive TV and VOIP

    IBM filed a patent application for building social networks within a business organization, and was granted a patent for a method of checking pages shown in search results for viruses. The method, system and computer readable medium product in...

  8. New Search Patent Filings: August 27, 2006 - Google's Recommendations, IBM's Speedier Pagerank, Napster's Search

    One of the inventors listed in the following patent application, Tomas Gunnarsson, is a Google Desktop Software Engineer according to a post he made in the Google Blog on a "quick search" for Desktop Search.