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Application Programming Interface

  1. Google+ Waiting For 'Hypergrowth', Partners With Flipboard

    Google+ is a late arrival to allow the social magazine access to the Google+ application programming interface (API), trailing behind the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. Google has declared that it has yet to reach the intense...

  2. Assembling Your Landing Page Optimization Dream Team, Part 4

    Some programmers are focused on the presentation of information to the end user and are adept at scripting languages that make up the front end (i.e.the visual portion of the software application with which the visitor interacts).

  3. New Search Patent Applications: August 1, 2006 - Microsoft Answers?

    In one embodiment, this query is in the form of an application programming interface call. Microsoft unveils a patent application that could be the inspiration for Windows Live QnA, a process for removing unlinked documents from a search engine's...

  4. New Patent Apps from Yahoo (Data Extraction) and Microsoft (Electronic Yellow Pages) Published

    An application programming interface ensures that, if a business is listed as a regional service merchant, then the text and/or glyph is stored in association with the business listing. The USPTO published two patent applications yesterday.