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  1. Happy Birthday Google. 12 Years On, Then & Now

    Page and Brin are worth $15 billion each, more than double what Mark Zuckerburg (Facebook founder) and Steve Jobs (Apple Founder & CEO) are worth put together. Less than 12 months later, Google Inc had secured $25 million from Sequoia Capital and...

  2. Juliette Powell, Author of 33 Million People in the Room, Teaching Rutgers Mini-MBA: Digital Marketing Courses

    Last week, Jeff Prentky of The Daily Targum interviewed Eric Greenberg, a University Center for Management Development faculty member and coordinator of the digital marketing mini-MBA, Bailey and me about the Apple iPad, which will be provided to...

  3. SearchDay | Will Social Networks Become the New Inbox?

    Microsoft, Google and Apple Being Sued Over Icon Navigation Posted by Frank Watson Dec 26, 2008 A lawsuit was filed in Arizona Federal court against Microsoft, Google and Apple by Cygnus Systems, Inc.over use of their just granted patent for...

  4. Yahoo Q3 2008 Earnings: It Ain't Pretty

    Apple had a good earnings call yesterday with their sales of laptops and iPhones. Inc. Inc. Inc. Inc. Here's something else to consider: While companies are looking to streamline their operations in order to save costs, they often look to technology.

  5. Yahoo to Test Google Ads – Take That, Mr. Ballmer!

    In our next episode, Yahoo will announce that it's teaming up with Apple to put Yahoo ads on the iPhone. Yahoo announced today that it "will begin a limited test of Google Inc.s AdSense for Search service, which will deliver relevant Google ads...

  6. Ad agencies should slide on down to SES New York

    If you don't need some "jive-ass preacher" talking to you about Search Advertising 101, then you'll still find lots of other “must attend” sessions at Search Engine Strategies 2008 in the Big Apple. Jason Calacanis, Founder & CEO of, Inc.