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Apache Web Server

  1. Google Releases New Sitemap Generator

    The generator is a server plugin that can be installed on Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. The new generator is open source and uses your webserver's traffic, its log files, or the files found on the server to quickly find the...

  2. It Pays to Link Consistently

    For example, the local NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas uses an Apache (Unix) Web server and has set up a 301 permanent redirect from their home page ( to

  3. Don't Get Stung By Compliance Issues

    An example of this would be Mod-Throttle, an Apache module that can limit the ability for a spider to crawl a site. If you don't find any results, make sure there isn't a problem with the Web server. Usually this is transmitted to the web server by...

  4. The Search Engine Update, April 15, 2003, Number 147

    How to make dynamic URLs search engine friendly using the Apache web server's mod_rewrite command. First, I need to go back in and finish up some of the work involved in transitioning the web site. LookSmart is taking a new approach to discovering...