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  1. In-House SEO: Top 3 SEO Initiatives Before the Year End Freeze

    If you’re on Apache platform you would use the mod_rewrite solution and if on Windows platform you can use the built-in IIS_Rewrite solution With the kids jingle belling And everyone telling you of “be of good cheer” It’s the most wonderful time...

  2. Google Releases New Sitemap Generator

    The generator is a server plugin that can be installed on Linux/Apache and Microsoft IIS Windows-based servers. Google Webmaster Central has created a new sitemap generator and released it to the general public.

  3. It Pays to Link Consistently

    For example, the local NBC affiliate in Dallas, Texas uses an Apache (Unix) Web server and has set up a 301 permanent redirect from their home page ( to

  4. Don't Get Stung By Compliance Issues

    An example of this would be Mod-Throttle, an Apache module that can limit the ability for a spider to crawl a site. The amount of change possible on a large business Web site can be limited based on either company policies or outside oversight...

  5. Global SEO Strategy: Advanced Search for Large Enterprises

    Several applications can be installed in the Apache Web server to fix the problem. Many companies have chosen to expand overseas with the growing global economy. Multinational companies have launched Web sites in new countries to engage new audiences.