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  1. 12 Ways to Optimize Press Releases & Avoid Google Penalties

    The AP, Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, and thousands of other major newsrooms worldwide have feeds of press releases piped directly into their editorial systems. Since then, journalists have relied on press releases to help track company news and...

  2. Government Controlled Search Engine Panguso Launches in China

    Panguso, which was announced in August, appears to have stricter filters than other Chinese sites, the AP reported. Panguso, a new search engine from state-owned Xinhua News Agency and China Mobile, launched yesterday in China.

  3. Many 2010 Election Results Too Close To Call

    In Alaska, the AP tally shows Republican Sen. In Colorado and Washington, the incumbent Democratic senators are clinging to tiny leads with most of the precincts reporting, according to the AP. News or Google News this morning and search for "too...

  4. Living Stories is Google's Way of Telling Murdoch to 'Buzz Off'

    AP: Search engines must pay up, say Murdoch and AP's Curley ( Google News now features a new feature: The Living Stories project. Launched while I was at SES Chicago earlier this week, it is an experiment in presenting news...

  5. SearchDay | Don't Overlook Local Search Opportunities

    Is the AP Shooting Itself in the Foot By Pursuing a Paid Content Business Model? News from the Search Engine Watch Blog Posted by Nathania Johnson Apr 7, 2009 Newspapers have been struggling not just due to the economy but also due to the...

  6. SearchDay | Could Social Media Be the Google Killer?

    Google to go ahead with Yahoo AdWords Sep 18, 2008 Interesting article where Google says they plan to go ahead with the Yahoo AdWords deal by regardless of a pending antitrust review.