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Aol Search Instant Messenger

  1. 5 Reasons Why People Hate International Search Marketing

    Skype feels like AOL instant messenger with the ability to talk through it. Personally, I love international search marketing and am very passionate about it. There are entire articles written on the millions of reasons translators miss over half...

  2. Yahoo to Launch New, Comprehensive Mobile Portal

    Messenger - An upgraded version of Yahoo! Mail and other popular email service providers, including Gmail, Windows Live Hotmail and AOL Mail. s award-winning mobile search service providing the most current, relevant answers you need.

  3. Poynt Gives New Local Search Option for Windows Live Messenger Users

    Windows Live Messenger users have a new option for local search in the U.S. To use the service, consumers add the Poynt "buddy" to their contact list in Windows Live Messenger and interact with it like they would their other IM contacts.

  4. Kozoru Opens Public Beta Testing Of Byoms

    At the moment it is only possible to use the AOL IM client, so if you use Yahoo Messenger, MSN t entirely new; Gary recently mentioned that users of MSN Messenger can send a request to [email protected] and interrogate the Encarta product...

  5. Google Faces Patent Infringement Lawsuit Over Google Talk

    We also learned last week that, if certain conditions are met Google Talk users will be able to chat with AOL Instant Messenger users as part of the new AOL/Google deal. However, a web search did turn up this excellent blog post from TMCnet...

  6. AOL High Quality Video Downloads, AOL Triton IM Gets Search Box & Sharing MSNBC Articles Via MSN Messenger

    AOL is running an new trial of "high quality" video you can download, AOL's Triton IM tool has a new search box and MSNBC news articles can now be shared via MSN Messenger. MSN Messenger offers a shared search option (along with a search box in the...

  7. Interoperability: Yahoo Instant Messenger and Microsoft Messenger Will Be Able to Talk to One Another

    However, I just wanted to put up a quick note pointing out that in the "war" between the big players, it's worth mentioning that Kevin Delaney has just posted a Wall St Journal story (reg.req) saying that Yahoo Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger...