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  1. Judge Allows 'No Poaching' Lawsuit Against Google to Proceed

    Five former employees who are suing the group for violating claims brought under the Sherman Antitrust Law and The Cartwright Act. A California judge has denied a motion to dismiss a class action lawsuit from employees claiming that a group of high...

  2. Google Adds Republican Lobbyist

    Google earlier this month added Stewart Jeffries, House Judiciary Committee antitrust counsel for Republicans, and the company "hopes to add one more Republican to its federal relations staff," which is headed by Pablo Chavez, Politico reported.

  3. 50 Most Memorable Moments in Search for 2008

    Form Search Advertising Partnership, DOJ Antitrust Lawsuit Threat Shuts Down Google/Yahoo! On February 1, one of tech's biggest companies made a generous offer of $31 a share for the number two search engine.