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Antitrust Monopoly

  1. Google Faces New Mobile Search Monopoly Antitrust Lawsuit

    Google is facing an antitrust lawsuit over its alleged monopoly of the mobile search market. It's clear that Google has not achieved this monopoly through offering a better search engine, but through its strategic, anti-competitive placement, and...

  2. Will Google's Proposed Search Fixes End EU Antitrust Case?

    Google competitors have repeatedly accused the firm of owning a vertical search monopoly. The search giant hopes the concessions will put an end to the EU's two-year long antitrust probe. The antitrust case goes back to late 2010.

  3. Google CEO Larry Page Meets with FTC

    The firm has been in talks with the FTC for about a week, with Bloomberg's source saying the commission is trying to decide whether there is a market in which Google has a monopoly. Google maintains that it hasn't broken any antitrust laws and is...

  4. Italy Antitrust Chief Warns of Google Publishing Monopoly

    Italy's antitrust chief has warned the nation's lower house of parliament of an impending Google publishing monopoly. Giovanni Pitruzzella said that Google's search dominance could lead the company to a publishing monopoly.

  5. Google Told to Fix 4 Areas in Search, Advertising to End Antitrust Inquiry

    European antitrust chiefs are offering Google a chance to end the 18-month investigation into alleged monopoly abuses by the company. Competition commissioner Joaquín Almunia said that its initial investigations had identified four areas of...

  6. SEMPO Tells Government: Don't Censor Search Engines

    They would gain an even greater margin, coming even closer to true monopoly. FTC's antitrust probe into Google, the search marketing organization SEMPO issues a statement to the FTC Chairman Jon Leibowitz, calling for zero regulation.

  7. DOJ Antitrust Chief Recuses Herself From Google ITA discussions

    When Varney was appointed by President Barack Obama as Assistant Attorney General for the DOJ's Antitrust Division, expectations were high for her to take a hard line on Google, which she had publicly referred to as "a monopoly," MarketWatch noted.

  8. Does Google Really Listen To Its Users?

    Returning search to its glory is a little too much love - Google is fast becoming a monopoly of search - and as it is the source of most people's information that is a scary thing to have in the hands of a money motivated corporation - though the...