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Anti Competitive Behavior

  1. Is Google Trust Being Scroogled?

    The group put out its remedies "to resolve the harms that result from Google’s anti-competitive search and business practices" just a week before the Scroogled campaign. We believe in enforcement of existing laws to prevent anticompetitive behavior...

  2. S. Korean Companies Claim Google's Android Blocking Competing Search Apps

    The two companies alleging anti-competitive behavior are NHN Corp.operator of Naver, South Korea's most popular search engine, and Daum Communications Corp. The owners of South Korea's largest search engines have filed complaints against Google...

  3. Senator Kohl Hops on the Google Antitrust Gravy Train

    You let it be known that you are going to hold hearings into 'issues' relating to XYZ company's 'anti-trust' position. The powerful position Google occupies in the general search arena creates myriad opportunities for anticompetitive behavior.

  4. Google "Confident" On Potential In-Depth EU Antitrust Inquiry

    The EU is taking anti-competitive allegations regarding the search industry with great attention but Google said it is "confident" is has a "good case" after EU competition commissioner Joaquim Almunia stated that he is "looking at the allegations...