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  1. Hit By Panda and Confused About Low-Quality Content? Run This Google Analytics Report Now

    So, given what I explained about the surge, and the data Google is receiving, it's a smart move to run a report that shows you the top landing pages from Google organic prior to, and then after, a Panda hit.

  2. How to Hire (and Keep) Digital Marketing Talent in 2014

    If human resources or a recruiter is given a list of questions to ask, they also should have a script of the expected answers," Mitchell said. Hire Smart, Avoid Firing Later But it might be that the answers don't reflect the appropriate skill-sets...

  3. SES New York Keynote Speaker Says Internet is TV’s Best Friend

    Search Engine Watch (SEW) asked Mike Proulx (MP) five questions about his upcoming keynote. Here are his answers: MP: Apple TV, Roku, Boxee TV, Google TV, Samsung Smart TVs, online video (that was once relegated to our computer screens...

  4. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Search Web Traffic Referrals 4. Social SEO Improved Search Rank 5. Answers. Up-front estimated measurement of tactics is vital to making smart social media decisions. Note: "Social Media ROI" is a buzzword phrase that loosely translated answers if...

  5. Why Facebook Ad Haters Are Wrong – Here’s How Marketers Can Do Better

    We have no more insight here at Search Engine Watch than the general public as far as why General Motors’ ad campaigns failed. Why are spammers and malware authors clicking on Facebook ads that appear around the site to Like sites, rather than...

  6. Success Through Testing: Don’t Forget the Scientific Method

    Not to be confused with predictions (an equally important part of the Scientific Method), hypotheses seek to provide answers as to why things happen, which can then be experimented against in order to determine its accuracy.

  7. Funny Flirting with Siri; The Apple of My iPhone

    All answers were smart, but one was particularly charming. The real fun in Wolfram Alpha is just how much you can ask it, and in discovering how you formulate queries for this type fo search engine. To my imagination, Siri, the search agent had the...