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  1. An Integrated Marketing Blueprint to Grow Sales & ROI in 2014

    Today's "perpetually connected" consumers are known to consume the web across multiple devices, as reported in The New Multi-Screen World Study by Google. Because search engines care more about delivering the best result to those searching, brands...

  2. Google Shopping: Product Listing Ad & Feed Optimization Tips & Best Practices [Videos]

    In a series of six videos, CPC Strategy's CEO Rick Backus answers some of the major questions and issues surrounding Google Shopping, including Google Shopping data feed best practices, reasons why you might not want to list on Google Shopping...

  3. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    For ROI calculations, use your actual CTR values available via Google Webmaster Tools. Answers. Note: "Social Media ROI" is a buzzword phrase that loosely translated answers if the tactic can deliver tangible value.

  4. How SEO Attracts & Converts Customers in the 3 Purchase Decision Phases

    Eighty percent of shoppers will research online before making a purchase according to Google. Non-branded search accounts for 78 percent percent of all search engine referrals, according to Google. The more thorough you are about articulating why...