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  1. Google Catalogs Annotations: How to Enrich the Consumer Experience & Track Results

    Annotate the catalog with the video. Google Catalogs gives pretty straightforward guidelines on how publishers should and shouldn't annotate their catalogs. I would greatly advise publishers to read the Annotation Guidelines all the way through...

  2. SearchDay | Battling Click Fraud

    Now, you can simply log in and annotate away. FrankWatson Battling Click Fraud is Important for All Involved SEW EXPERTS: SEM CROSSFIRE Every pay-per-click advertiser sees the presence of click fraud, as does every search engine.

  3. YouTube Makes Annotations Easier

    Now, you can simply log in and annotate away. YouTube is making it easier for users to add annotations to their videos. Still, they are keeping the separate annotations editor intact in case you want more control.

  4. SearchDay | In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search?

    YouTube says that the information can help users edit or annotate their videos in . KevinRyan In Tough Economic Times, Whither Search? SEARCHING FOR MEANING The news about our world's economic conditions aren't just bad, they're insane.

  5. Wikia Adds Features to its Open Source Search

    The opportunity to see site previews and annotate text, images, links and forms directly into the results If a search engine allows its users to change the results, is it still called hacking? While many news outlets are saying Wikia's new features...