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Animated Gifs

  1. Twitter Buys Image Search Company Madbits

    Animated GIFs Twitter hasn't traditionally been known for their image capabilities. However, that may be about to change as image search company Madbits earlier this week announced via their website that they were joining Twitter.

  2. 16 Examples of How to Use Non-SEO Friendly Content for SEO

    Animated GIFs One reason to use animated GIFs over Instagram or Vine videos is the ability for attribution. GIFs are perfect for platforms such as Tumblr, and being able to attribute the original source material to your site gives you a great way...

  3. 6 Reasons Why BuzzFeed Destroys Your Content Strategy

    Even if animated GIFs were outlawed tomorrow, the image-heavy style of BuzzFeed articles would still work. That endless stream of GIFs, "Top 21" Lists (please note the tasteful choice of only six points on this list), memes, and complaints about...

  4. Google Doodle Gets Its Own Patent

    The patent actually references animated GIFs in its description, so you know the Google patent lawyers have been working on this a long time. Systems and methods consistent with the present invention address this and other needs through the use of...

  5. Optimizing Flash for Search Engines

    The animation in your site navigation is much more attractive, flows more smoothly, and downloads more quickly than the animated GIFs used in previous site designs. A special report from the Search Engine Strategies conference in Dallas, Texas...

  6. Creating Search Engine Friendly Web Sites

    She also cautioned against the use of clear gifs. Sites developed completely in Flash or other interactive technologies, large animated graphics, or movies are deterrents to content seekers and detrimental to search engine rankings.