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  1. Court Rules Yelp May Demand Money for Adding and Removing Reviews

    Nielson further estimates that 44 percent of consumers surveyed use Yelp and that Yelp is considered almost one and a half times more influential and trustworthy than sites like Angie's List. They declined the offer, but Yelp allegedly made...

  2. Local SEO & Listing Management: A Blueprint for Multi-Location Brand Success

    Links to review sites like Google+, Yahoo Local, Yelp, Angie's List, and others. Crossing each of these concerns off the list is a multi-location brands' blueprint for scalable local SEO. List of products and services available at location

  3. Social Media ROI: 14 Formulas to Measure Social Media Benefits

    Categorize the list into benefits and costs. If the intangible impact isn't negligible, potentially list these in name as a disclaimer beside calculations for reference. Check out these handy formulas for calculating tangible social media benefits...

  4. Relevant, Actionable & Timely PPC Feedback: Better Decisions, Better Results

    If you notice lots of angry customer reviews on Angie’s List, you might suspect that poor service is negatively affecting sales by discouraging repeat business and word of mouth. You would need to manufacture a new feedback loop, perhaps by...

  5. Blog SMO Guide: How to Apply Social Media Optimization to Your Blog in 33 Steps

    List links to author's recently published articles List published articles by the author below their bio. The following list displays different sections of a blog website and the respective social actions to optimize: