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  1. Google Rolls Out Maps Navigation, Mobile Voice Search, Improved Gmail Chat, Caffeine

    The service is available for users of Android devices 1.6 and higher, it said. Turning to basic search from a mobile device, Google's Search by Voice, which so far had only been available in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, is now also fully...

  2. SearchDay | Economic Depression 2.0

    How Google is Integrating Search into Android and the G1 Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 2, 2008 Recently, Google and T-mobile teamed up to unveil the new G1, the first Android-powered phone to be made commercially available.

  3. SearchDay | Who Audits the Auditor?

    T-Mobile Officially Unveils First Google Android Phone Posted by Nathania Johnson Sep 23, 2008 After months of speculation, the long-awaited announcement of the first Google Android-powered mobile device has officially been announced.