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  1. What Percentage of Brands Actually Use Google+ Authorship? [Analysis]

    Oracle Android Developers Blog But sometimes it can be easy to get caught up within our own bubble, so I wanted to see how (or if) brands have adopted Google authorship. Is Google+ and rel=author markup really being taken seriously by brands?

  2. CEO Larry Page Takes the Stage in Surprise Google I/O Appearance

    Ironically, Page vilified Oracle – who has numerous victories over Android in court – just a few moments later, jabbing "Money is more important to them than cooperation. Google CEO Larry Page made a surprise appearance on the keynote stage...

  3. Scroogled Rises: Microsoft Back on Attack as Google Faces New Antitrust Complaint

    Fairsearch Europe, which describes itself as "organization united to promote economic growth, innovation and choice across the internet" and made up of members including Microsoft, Nokia and Oracle, has filed an antitrust complaint related to...

  4. Is Google Trust Being Scroogled?

    Microsoft, Oracle, Nokia, Expedia, Hotwire, Kayak. That said, Goggle’s organic search results, most of its software, and the popular Android platform are "free," although Google in turn does obtain your data that helps them monetize with advertising.

  5. Oracle Rejects Google’s $3 Million Offer to Settle Patent Dispute

    Ahead of an upcoming trial in April over claims that Google's Android operating system has infringed on Java patents, Google has offered to pay Oracle $3 million plus a portion of its Android platform revenue in an attempt to reach a settlement...

  6. Google’s 13th Birthday: 12 Top Stories From the Past 12 Months

    Meanwhile, the fight over Android’s technology between Oracle and Google continues, with Oracle now seeking $1.16 billion in damages. Larry Page returned to his role as CEO and cleaned house, Google saw record revenues, Google introduced a suite of...