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  1. Nomenclature: The Industry Case For and Against SEO

    Andrew Girdwood, Media Innovations Director at bigmouthmedia, said he has started to use two terms: "modern SEO" or "multi-signal SEO" (if he's with a "more educated crowd"). Danny Sullivan took a good crack at the name game back in December and...

  2. Critical Thinking for the Discerning SEO [eBook Review]

    Contributors come from all over the globe and reflect different specialism within SEO and closely related disciplines and are Alan Bleiweiss, Andrea Scarpetta, Andrew Bleakley, Anthony Verre, Barry Adams, Dana Lookadoo, Danny Sullivan, Dean...

  3. This Breaking News Just In - The Meta Keywords Tag is Still Dead!

    Actually, the first to notice that it had died was Andrew Goodman of Traffick, who declared way back on my September 2, 2002, "An End to Metatags (Enough Already, Part 1)". Time passed, Sullivan left Search Engine Watch to start Search Engine Land...

  4. A message from Becky Ryan - Social Queen of SES San Jose

    Such as Matt Cutts, Neil Patel, Greg and Barbara Boser, Rae Hoffman, Bruce Clay, Kevin Ryan, Vanessa Fox, Frank Watson, Lisa Barone, Shoemoney, Meg Walker, Lee Odden, Jenn Slegg, Li Evans, Tamar, Dave Naylor, Monte Cahn, Brandy and Daron Babin...

  5. Schedule optimization for SES New York

    Andrew Tomkins, Chief Scientist at Yahoo! Now, Danny Sullivan programmed last year's show and Kevin Ryan organized this year's agenda. Whether this will be your first SES New York, or the fifth one in a row that you've attended since 2004, you...

  6. Top News Stories from SES Chicago

    Q&A with Andrew Goodman Danny Sullivan & Daron Babin Live from the SES That's not surprising, considering that there were a total of 144 different speakers who participated in one of the 69 panels, sessions, workshops or keynotes at the event.

  7. Search Headlines & Links: September 13, 2006

    Andrew Goodman spotted Yahoo placing little shopping cart icons in some of the sponsored listings for eBay ads. Danny Sullivan Interview - By Brett@WMW, V7N Engine Watch Blog, along with other items we've spotted but not blogged separately:

  8. Daily SearchCast, August 23, 2006: Is Google Bad For Other Businesses? Will Brazil Close Google's Offices There? Isn't Yahoo Coupon Finder Cool? And More!

    Google Search", continues Andrew Goodman's coverage of Danny Sullivan's keynote conversation with Google's chief executive that began with yesterday's Will Brazil close Google's offices there in a data dispute?

  9. CEO Schmidt: Many People are Very Happy with Google Search

    Part two of Andrew Goodman's coverage of Danny Sullivan's SES keynote conversation with Google chief executive Eric Schmidt. It's more inventory added to the overall picture, especially for those targeting youth.Sullivan pulled no punches in his...