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Andrei Broder

  1. New Search Patent Applications: June 5, 2006 - Taking Care of Web Decay, Dead Links, and Parked Domains

    Inventors: Andrei Zary Broder, Ziv Bar-Yossef, Shanmagasundaram Ravikumar, Andrew Tomkins Yahoo provides an XML based bid management tool, and a way to maintain a persistent link to dynamic information between a browser and specific web pages.

  2. Udi Manber Leaves A9 to Join Google

    Meanwhile, Yahoo is now the workplace of Andrei Broder and Ricardo Baeza-Yates. Searchblog reports that Udi Manber, formerly the person in charge at A9 ('s search site) is heading to the Googleplex where he'll now work.

  3. Daily SearchCast, Nov. 22, 2005: Google & Library Of Congress Team On World Digital Library; Google Growth & Growth Issues; Yahoo Gains Famed AltaVista Alumnus Broder; Search Gains In Popularity

    AltaVista scientist Andrei Broder; Froogle gaining a way to search for products in local bricks-and-mortar stores, new Add To Google Google Donates $3 Million To Broder Joins Yahoo Andrei Today's search podcast covers Google funding a US Library...

  4. End Of Size Wars? Google Says Most Comprehensive But Drops Home Page Count

    Although there is no direct way to verify the size of each search engine's respective index, the standard method to measure relative size was developed by Krishna Bharat and Andrei Broder in 1998. Yes, this is the long expected counterblow to Yahoo...