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  1. Web Analytics 101, Part 2

    For space reasons I'll cover only two: Google Analytics (formally Urchin) and Omniture. Before we look at specific tools, I want to cover a couple more principles I didn't get to in "Web Analytics 101, Part 1.

  2. Who Will Cry for the Newbies?

    No doubt, this was a move to counter or compete with Google's ownership of Web analytics (Urchin, through acquisition) and optimizing tools. Of course, the argument for having all of these tools in one place (aside from the publisher data...

  3. Is There Room for Another Free Analytics Tool?

    In much the same way that Google bought Urchin and branded it up as Google Analytics (GA), Yahoo is likely to do something similar. Get your free analytics tools here. Of course, we use the term analytics for these tools.

  4. Google Analytics Launches "Urchin 6"

    At ad:tech San Francisco, Google Analytics today announced the full launch of Urchin Software, Google's advanced - but not free - Web analytics package, aka Urchin 6. For search engine marketers who remember the name, Urchin formed the basis of...

  5. Search Engine Marketing Articles

    In-depth review of the Urchin web analytics tool. Urchin 5.5 - Web Analytics Product Review, Feb. Real Media Search Analytics Tool Hits the Market MediaPost, March 1, 2004 http://www...