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  1. Green credentials and RBS deal work in BNPP's favour

    And we have a lot of clients who are dealing in the BNPP turbos, which were previously RBS products," says Stan Gavrailov, head of structured products at ABN Amro in Amsterdam. BNP Paribas takes top award on RBS buy, green note and IT solutions

  2. UBS offers bankruptcy remoteness and white-labelling twist

    Stan Gavrailov, head of structured products at ABN Amro in Amsterdam, says: "UBS has been very good at anything to do with correlation and is the best pricer of worst-of autocallables and reverse convertibles in indexes and single names.

  3. EFET calls for exemptions from mandatory trade clearing

    The Amsterdam-based organisation believes the introduction of mandatory clearing of all derivatives trades will have a number of knock-on effects. The European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) will lobby for non-financial institutions to have a...

  4. The value of non-financial information in SME risk management

    Group Credit Risk, Royal Bank of Scotland, Gustav Mahlerlaan 10, 1000EA Amsterdam, The Netherlands; email: [email protected] Research Papers Edward I. Altman NYU Salomon Center, Leonard N. Stern School of Business, New York University, 44 West...

  5. Twelve bloggers blogging about SES Toronto 2009

    Although, Christoph has been to Rio, Berlin, New York City, Munich, Amsterdam, Hanover, and Seattle during the past few months, so obviously language isn't a barrier for him. But I've seen a dozen bloggers blogging about SES Toronto, which will be...

  6. Search Engine Industry has its own Version of March Madness

    SES Amsterdam Forum, 16-17 maart, 2009 For those of you who want a hint in English about this event, SES Amsterdam will feature a number of workshops designed to educate the beginning SEO/SEM in addition to advanced maximizer sessions for those...

  7. UK Media and SEO Blogs are Buzzing about SES London

    Next, read Bas van den Beld ‘s post in, entitled, “Exclusive: SES opens its doors in Amsterdam. Yes, SES Amsterdam will be held for the first time. If you are on the brink of the verge of the edge of going to SES London 2009 next...

  8. SES Amsterdam, March 16-17 2009

    In partnership with Beerens Business Press (BBP) I would like to announce the first ever Search Engine Strategies Amsterdam Forum kicking off this March 16-17. In the meantime we will be in London in February and...

  9. On the move

    Based in Singapore, he reports to Manolet Salak locally and functionally to Bart Schmeetz in Amsterdam. People Rabobank International has promoted Martijn Nijziel to Hong Kong-based head of global financial markets (GFM) for the Asia-Pacific region...

  10. Govt. Funded Health Search Engine Blocks "Abortion"

    Interestingly, I was getting results in Amsterdam that listed the reports mentioned by Wired. Now this seems to be a story that would get attention if it weren't for the fact President Bush is a lame duck and soon out of office.

  11. Google LookingTo Kill Affiliate Marketing?

    I am at the Casino Affiliate Conference right now in Amsterdam and plan on asking the large vendors here how they see the possibility of Google competing in their space. Okay we know that Google is divesting itself of Performics.well the search arm...

  12. TNK-BP under Kremlin scrutiny

    Mitvol usually doesn't investigate any company that the government doesn't wish to acquire, so now the pressure is really on," says corporate lawyer Robert Amsterdam, from law firm Amsterdam & Peroff.

  13. Carlyle forced to suspend bond fund

    Dutch authorities have suspended the shares of Carlyle Capital, the Amsterdam-listed mortgage bond fund owned by private equity firm Carlyle Group. The action was taken after Carlyle received substantial margin calls and additional default notices...