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  1. President Obama and Vice President Biden Using YouTube and Yahoo Answers

    As the Pew Project for Excellence in Journalism says, "the data continue to suggest a clear pattern in how Americans gravitate for news: people are increasingly 'on demand' consumers, seeking platforms where they can get the news they want when...

  2. Rahm Emanuel YouTube Video Announces "Tell It Like It Is" Tour

    On June 15, 2008, a report by the Pew Internet & American Life Project found 35 percent of Americans said they had watched online political videos -- a figure that nearly tripled the reading the Pew Internet Project got in the 2004 presidential race.

  3. Pew Internet Project Describes the State of Online News as Moving Target

    The Pew Internet Project and the Project for Excellence in Journalism's "State of the News Media 2010" report describes the state of online news heading into this year as "a moving target. According to Pew Internet and PEJ, three questions now...

  4. News Blogs Are Becoming the New Online Newspapers

    According to Pew Research Center data, as of August 2008 the percentage of Americans who went online regularly for news (at least three times a week) was up 19% from two years earlier to nearly four in ten Americans (37%).

  5. Taggers Hitting the Mainstream

    In a recent Pew study, some 28% of online Americans are already tagging. According to Pew, taggers come from everywhere but here are the highlights: Pew Director Lee Rainie explains the attraction quite simply: “Tagging is a kind of next-stage...