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  1. Is Super Bowl Advertising Money Well Spent?

    Experienced marketing and advertising professionals don’t watch the Super Bowl like most Americans do. These data points are compelling, but the most striking one in the chart below is the percentage of online videos accessed by tablet and mobile...

  2. YouTube Investment in VEVO Would Strengthen its Top Position in Online Video Rankings

    Americans viewed 11.3 billion video ads in December 2012, with Google sites ranking first with nearly 2 billion ads. Internet users watched 38.7 billion online content videos in December 2012, while video ad views totaled 11.3 billion.

  3. Maker Studios Takes Third Place in YouTube Partner Channels Ranking

    Americans viewed 9.4 billion video ads in September, with each of the top 5 video ad properties delivering more than 1 billion video ads. By comparison, Americans viewed 9.5 billion video ads in August, with each of the top 4 video ad properties...