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American Library Association

  1. Google Books Makes a Deal with France's Top Publisher

    Google has been unable to win such deals with U.S.publishers, and is currently involved in litigation with the Association of American Publishers and the Authors Guild. The agreement will allow Google to digitize and scan books from Hachette's...

  2. Homeland Security Wants Internet Kill Switch

    Opponents such as the ACLU, the EFF, and the American Library Association believe such a legislation would erode citizens basic rights. Sen. Susan Collins, the Republican ranking member on the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee...

  3. SearchDay | Small Business Site Architecture

    Google Reaches Agreement with Authors, Publishers for Book Search Posted by Nathania Johnson Oct 28, 2008 Google has reached an agreement with the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers (AAP), which represented a broad class of...

  4. Search Headlines & Links: September 13, 2006

    Google's blogging (and here) about how it is supporting the 25th anniversary of the American Library Association's Banned Book Week by posting information about novels that have been challenged or banned from being in libraries within the...

  5. Daily SearchCast, June 6, 2006: Yahoo MyWeb Gets New Look, More Features; Google Spreadsheets Want Your Tabular Data; The ODP Rigs The Alaskan Governor Election On Google; Baidu's Kickin' Commercial

    Association of American Publishers Sues Google over Library Digitization Plan and Google's Library Scanning Project Heads to Court (action by the Authors Today's search podcast covers Yahoo's revamped MyWeb bookmarking service;

  6. Harvard's Involvement in Google Library Project

    Allan] Adler [a vice president for legal and governmental affairs at the Association of American Publishers]said Google's contention that its search program might somehow increase sales of books was speculation at best.

  7. Google Print Debate at NY Public Library

    Allan Adler, Association of American Publishers This should be interesting: The NYPL and WIRED Magazine present a discussion about the competing interests and issues raised by the Google Print Library Project, and whether a universal digital...