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American Flag

  1. Interactive 4th of July 2013 Google Doodle Takes You on a Road Trip Across America

    This is followed by Google wishing everyone "Happy July 4th, 2013" via a scrawled note beneath the American flag. You'll notice some similar American icons appear, such as the eagle, Liberty Bell, and Statue of Liberty.

  2. As Facebook's Empire Expands, U.S. & Canada Interest Declines [Report]

    Yes, the blue is Facebook, and yes, basically the entire planet – except for China, Russia, Brazil, and a few smaller countries – are raising the Facebook flag as Facebook nears 700 million accounts. But as Facebook becomes even more dominant on a...

  3. Google Moderator on YouTube Enables Real-Time Feedback from Your Audience

    The platform operates in real-time, and you can remove any content that you or your audience flag as inappropriate. YouTube previously used Google Moderator as part of its interviews with American President Barack Obama and Canadian Prime Minister...

  4. A Visual Search Engine for Music

    Musicplasma is available in English, French, Spanish and German -- just click the flag icon to change the interface language. American Psychological Association Launches New Databases. Want to find music similar to what you already enjoy?

  5. Search Engine Embargoes Keywords in Wake of Terror Attacks

    The initial list prohibited thousands of keywords and phrases, including "bin laden," "terrorism," and "world trade center," but also seemingly innocuous phrases as "American flag" and "new york. The firm took action in response to a "dramatic...