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  1. Elixir Interactive Online Reputation Management Case Study

    Downhill is a frequent speaker at Ad:Tech, AMA, Search Engine Strategies, SMX, Searchnomics, American Marketing Association, PRSA and the Society for Women Engineers. Elixir Interactive has shared a very unusual online reputation management study.

  2. German banks turn to domestic op risk loss data

    FRANKFURT – A new wave of German banks is applying to use the advanced measurement approach (AMA) for operational risk, and is turning to alternative sources for external loss data. This second tier of five AMA-aspirant banks is composed of medium...

  3. Sheen: The FSA's go-to guy for op risk

    The real issue is how to amend the regulations to ensure financial institutions are incentivised in real capital terms to move from BIA to TSA, or from TSA to the advanced measurement approach (AMA). When firms applied to use AMA, they worked with...

  4. The Relaunch of Syfy: When Search Shapes the Brand

    To bring us back to the original AMA definition: a brand is an identity, and an identity can easily get lost in the clutter of search. How do you define a "brand? Traditionally when you think of a brand, you might envision a logo, a sponsorship...

  5. Highly cultured

    The recent papers released by Basel on the 2008 Loss Data Collection Exercise and the Observed Range of Practices for AMA are useful, as they give us some insight on the AMA practices and techniques that are considered sound and effective.

  6. Beyond AMA approval

    Approved to use the advanced measurement approach (AMA) since January 2008, NAB can run its internally developed statistical model to determine the amount of capital required to cover its operational risk exposure.

  7. SEO Standards Signal the Maturing of Our Industry

    If we, as an industry, come up with standards that the majority of us can agree on, and then make this information available to marketers via targeted distribution through associations such as the AMA and the DMA, among others, we take a giant...

  8. A model model?

    For each of these problems, of course, someone is willing to offer a solution - but consensus is elusive, and the only certainty about the future of op risk modelling is that today's new AMA models will eventually come to be seen as merely the...

  9. Misconceptions over AMA

    Among those respondents who are choosing not to do the AMA, 28.6% said they didn't think the operational risk framework would provide a business benefit, while another 26.2% said they thought they were unlikely to get a sufficient capital reduction.

  10. A model model?

    AMA MODELLING The first advanced measurement aproach (AMA) banks have arrived, and their numbers are growing as regulators around the world work their way through queues of applicants: in Australia, six banks have been given the green light; in the...

  11. Beyond the blueprint

    As a result, financial institutions are starting to transfer experienced operational risk staff into the region to implement the operational risk framework - often the AMA - developed at their headquarters.

  12. Chase Cooper

    Even more startling is the statistic that among the firms planning an AMA programme, 48% believe there is only 'some benefit' to be derived from the programme as opposed to 'significant benefit'. In fact, there are deep benefits to be gained...

  13. Talking 'bout an evolution

    People could expend a lot of energy becoming AMA compliant, and not have addressed the material other risks under Pillar II, so I am very interested to see where the regulators go with Pillar II and where their expectations are, we're not clear on...