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  1. Google: We Didn't Mess With Texas Attorney General

    Google is being sued by the Texas attorney general, who alleges that the search giant is withholding documents from the state. The tribulation started two years ago as an antitrust lawsuit but has since expanded into an investigation that sees...

  2. Google, Microsoft, Yahoo Working With White House on Do No Track Browsing

    In another case, a Missouri man alleges that Google violated the Wiretap Act and is asking for damages on behalf of 62 million users, according to paidContent. A new Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights was also introduced today.

  3. FTC Investigating if Google Jacked Up AdWords Rates on Microsoft

    Microsoft alleges that Google has illegally inflated advertising rates for Microsoft, Bloomberg reports. As Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt prepares to testify before the U.S. Senate today, new details are out about the Federal Trade...

  4. Google Antitrust Deal in Works? Schmidt Meets With Key EU Regulator

    The company also alleges that, after filing its original complaint, Google retaliated against 1plusV by delisting its sites in Google's search results. Outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt met with Joaquin Almunia, vice president of the European Commission...

  5. Google vs. the World: A Week of Conflicts, Disputes, and Lawsuits

    The company says that the lower court should have been swayed by its evidence that searchers were confused by AdWords, and alleges that some of the advertisers paying for sponsored links keyed to its trademarks sold counterfeit Rosetta Stone...

  6. Search Week in Review for Oct. 30, 2010

    A federal lawsuit filed in California alleges that Google illegally shared the search queries of its users with third parties. SEM Basics Organic Search Listings That Drive Clicks by John Greer People scan search results quickly.