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  1. How to Run Foreign Language PPC Campaigns

    In Russia, for example, Yandex has the greatest market share while Baidu – the fifth most visited site in the world according to Alexa – is massively important in China. A recent study conducted across the European Union found that more than half...

  2. Facebook Dominates Web With More Home Page Integration Than Google+, Twitter Combined

    To put these figures in context, it's important to understand Pingdom’s methodology, accept Alexa as a reliable authority on site traffic, and consider that the largest and most successful sites aren't always an accurate reflection of what others...

  3. Obama is Winning the Internet War

    Business Nugget: Businesses should constantly monitor tools like Compete, Alexa, Hitwise, Nielsen, comScore, and the like to benchmark where they stand in relation to competition. Alexa, another tracking tool, shows the same trend.

  4. Yahoo Rejects Microsoft: Worst Decision Ever?

    Alexa ranks Yahoo as the number one used portal worldwide, with recent estimates at about 250 million users. Will the Yahoo decision to refuse Microsoft's offer go down as one of the biggest missed opportunities of the Internet industry?