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  1. Google Webmaster Tools Now Highlights Security Issues

    This is especially helpful because sites with malware have a "This site may harm your computer" warning alerting potential visitors that Google advises searchers to not visit the site. If it was a spam issue, they will include sample URLs which...

  2. Twitter Adds Alerts to Help Users During Emergencies, Disasters

    A Twitter message that is tagged as an alert from an alerting organization will appear on subscriber handsets in a variety of forms. Coyne said that it is up to user organization to define what they consider to be worthy of an alert, but...

  3. Mobile Marketing: Connecting With Your Audience on the Move

    And as a marketer, what if you can access that data so you can deliver an email to that person’s mobile phone, alerting them of a sale on toothbrushes. Imagine having a computing chip in your toothbrush to count the number of strokes you’ve racked...

  4. Google Crisis Response: From Search Engine to Information Provider

    Now we work with our satellite imagery providers, local organizations and other external data providers to help them embrace open standards such as a standard called the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP).

  5. SearchDay | Obama is Winning the Internet War

    Google Webmaster Tools Adds Hack Alert For CMS Programs Posted by Frank Watson Oct 16, 2008 Google will be alerting sites to possible hacks of their CMS programs the Google Webmaster Central blog announced today.

  6. Tracking Changes on Web Pages

    The other service I'm currently testing is a web-based alerting service from noted web-developer, Marc Fest, of QuickBrowse fame. Often a small change to a web page is a clue that something big has happened or will happen, and automated tracking...

  7. Search Engines with Autopilot

    Known as "search alerts," these services are different from many alerting services, because they give you a great deal of control over your queries. Most alerting services rely on simple keyword queries or recognizing physical changes to web pages.

  8. Ananova Delivers News And A Smile

    Ananova Alerting In addition, there are over 2,000 email alert topics to sign-up for. More than just a headline service, the Ananova site is a news search engine that provides coverage from about 1,500 different sources.