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  1. Need a Timer? Use Google

    You can have it open in one tab, and use another tab and you will still hear the audio alarm. Google has a new fun tool built within their search. If you ever need a quick timer for something, grabbing your phone or a regular timer isn’t always...

  2. U.S. Hotel Industry Could Be Losing $1.9 Billion From Branded Search Terms

    Before alarm bells start ringing, let me underline that nothing illegal is going on here. Hotel brand managers need to issue much stricter brand guidelines to affiliates and channel partners. That's the message from a recent study by MarkMonitor...

  3. Schmidt's Solution to Street View Privacy Concerns? 'Just Move'

    There has been strong alarm and also hostility in a lot of European countries against Google taking photos. During the past seven days, five countries have complained about Google's Street View cars. The growing outcry over privacy prompted Google...

  4. Social Media Marketers Can Learn Lessons from Paul Revere's Ride

    According to Fischer, Paul Revere was able to spread the alarm so effectively because he had played a key role earlier in the Boston Tea Party. Social media marketers should also take a long look at Fischer's map of the Middlesex alarm.