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  1. So... You Think SEO Has Changed?

    Flash/AJAX/JavaScript Every year I hear a new chorus of folks claiming that SEO is dead or that SEO has changed so fundamentally that it's completely different now than it once was. I usually find these statements short sighted.

  2. How Does Google Treat Hidden Text That's Only Temporarily Hidden?

    Yet, many webmasters do fancy stuff with JavaScript and AJAX where text would technically be hidden until a user takes action, such as clicking on a button, to actually display that text on the page. But in general, if you just have something with...

  3. Radical LinkedIn B2B #PPC: Targeting Competitor's Employees

    Though the Ajax box isn't nearly as smart as the "Interest" tools in Facebook Ads, it's cool enough. As predicted, LinkedIn, pre-IPO, rolled out features that many had been waiting on for quite some time: the ability to target users by specific...