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Air Base

  1. Top 10 Skills That Separate Real UX Designers from Wannabes

    Air: 2-3 business days Experienced UXers describe personas in terms of cognitive and behavioral specifics, such as motivations, desired outcomes, and knowledge base, all which influence designs. UX design was largely unappreciated for many years...

  2. Linden Lab Changes How it Communicates With Users -- To What End?

    What it means however is entirely up in the air and will unfold as events generally do, over time. They know they have a PR problem (actually, they have more than one PR problem, but let's not wander too far off the garden path here) as regards...

  3. One Man's Keywords are Another Man's List of Forbidden 'Newsspeak' Words and Phrases

    Tribune CEO Bans Cliches From Air Waves ( Touch base While they are trying to get journalists to understand the value of using keywords, journalists often confuse that with using a list of forbidden "newsspeak" words and phrases.

  4. Gain Efficiencies with a Global Search Center of Excellence

    Air cover and support with executive management. Shared Learning: A proper COE will prevent, or minimize, the reinvention of the wheel for most business units with a base from which to start their understanding of a process or technique.

  5. GenieKnows Its Verticals

    If, however, you are looking for information on the best joystick to use with that new Air Combat game you've purchased, GenieKnows probably has a forum discussion or product review to help you decide on the best purchase.

  6. Highlights from the SEW Blog: Mar. 20, 2006

    Clicking on that link brings you to a search query host:mil iraq reports "Air Base, Iraq" which basically added the "Air Base, Iraq" string to your previous query, better refining your search. Currently highlighted in red is "Air Base, Iraq", and...