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  1. Isda in sweeping commodity definitions overhaul - Exclusive

    The document includes all global commodity reference prices, across all asset classes from agriculture to gas, to palm oil, metals, bullion and even plastic contracts. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association is reviewing the master...

  2. Trading positions – July 2010

    Solon has more than 20 years of business and portfolio management experience in the energy, environmental and agriculture spaces, including a history of founding and growing trading operations in emerging markets.

  3. Overview of US regulatory reforms

    According to Senate Agriculture Committee chairman Blanche Lincoln, five of the largest commercial banks are currently responsible for 97% of commercial bank notional swap activity. While both chambers of Congress and the President still had to...

  4. Dodd-Frank margin intent delivers end-users a blow, despite reprieve

    The chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, Christopher Dodd, and chairman of the Senate Agriculture Committee, Blanche Lincoln, said the Dodd-Frank bill only gives regulators the ability to impose margin requirements on swap dealers and major...

  5. Derivatives House of the Year: JP Morgan

    In 2009, the bank completed the integration of its earlier acquisitions of Bear Energy, ClimateCare and UBS's Canadian energy and global agriculture businesses, and proceeded with the acquisitions of EcoSecurities and Sempra's global metals and...

  6. Commodity ETPs: limited viability?

    Gresham, along with Deutsche Bank, had its position-limits exemption in agriculture futures withdrawn by the CFTC on August 8. Exchange-traded products (ETPs) linked to commodities have been credited with democratising access for retail investors...

  7. British Virgin Islands at a glance

    FactsCountry name: conventional short form: British Virgin Islands; abbreviation: BVIArea: 153 km2Dependency status: overseas territory of the UK; internal self-governingCapital: Road Town, TortolaMaritime claims: territorial sea: 3 nautical miles...

  8. US Congress may force CDS buyers to hold bonds

    The US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture has published a draft bill seeking to limit the holding of credit default swap (CDS) contracts to market participants owning the bonds of the reference entity in question.

  9. UBS buys AIG Commodity Index

    JP Morgan confirmed its acquisition of UBS's Canadian energy and agriculture businesses on December 22. News UBS has announced that it plans to acquire the commodity index business of AIG Financial Products Group.

  10. US agriculture committee plans to ban naked CDSs

    WASHINGTON DC - The US House of Representatives Committee on Agriculture has published a draft bill seeking to limit the holding of credit default swap (CDS) contracts to market participants owning the bonds of the reference entity in question.

  11. On the move

    Nijziel will work on aligning the Dutch bank's GFM business with its traditional focus - the food and agriculture (F People Rabobank International has promoted Martijn Nijziel to Hong Kong-based head of global financial markets (GFM) for the Asia...

  12. State of Missouri Releases Collaborative Search Portal

    Included in the searchable material are nearly 20 "Collections" such as Transportation, Sports, Women, and Agriculture. The State of Missouri has launched a collaborative search portal, enabling citizens of the Show-Me state to explore millions of...

  13. On the move

    Ip was formerly head of the agriculture desk in Hong Kong. People Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing has appointed Kevin King as head of risk management. He replaces Stewart Shing, who was previously acting head of risk management and head of...

  14. Freight brokerage evolves

    The division is dedicated to the tanker transportation of liquid products including edible oils, vegetable oils for industrial use, biodiesel and ethanol trades, industrial agriculture products such as liquid fertilizers, molasses, clean petroleum...

  15. Lehman Opta-mises exposure with new ETN platform

    The other - the Lehman Brothers Pure Beta Agriculture Total Return ETN - will track the performance of solely the agricultural components of the LBCI Pure Beta. News Lehman Brothers has created a new exchange-traded note (ETN) platform, becoming...

  16. Deutsche Borse launches Daxglobal China indexes

    The China index is the latest addition to the Daxglobal index family for the international market, which comprises indexes for Russia, India, Asia, Bric markets and emerging markets, as well as for the alternative energy, agriculture and nuclear...