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Agree Disagree

  1. The Votes Are In: Bing, Internet Explorer, & CNN Partner for 2014 Elections

    As you can see, users identify which party they side with and vote on a scale from "strongly agree" to "strongly disagree" throughout the broadcast. For the 2014 elections, Bing wants to provide all Americans with an educational opportunity.

  2. Search Marketing & the Fine Art of Nexting

    Do you agree or disagree? Did you agree? In “Stumbling on Happiness”, Daniel Gilbert talks a lot about the concept of “nexting. By this, he means our subconscious habit of predicting what is just about to happen.

  3. Does Uncensored FCC Street View Report Show Google Lied?

    While we disagree with some of the statements made in the document, we agree with the FCC's conclusion that we did not break the law. A report from the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has accused Google of knowingly collecting...

  4. Ask, Analyze, Apply: Creating a (Search) Data-Driven Marketing Strategy

    Agree or disagree with Obama's in-office efforts, but there is a similar parallel to such in marketing. Political figures like President Obama need to appeal to passions and interests, as a New York Times Magazine article put it.

  5. The Revolution Will Be Streamed -- Operation Payback: Protest or War?

    Anonymous is supporting WikiLeaks not because we agree or disagree with the data that is being sent out, but we disagree with any form of censorship on the internet. The people of Anonymous, Julian of WikiLeaks, whether you agree or disagree...

  6. Does Google Really Listen To Its Users?

    In his "love" list there are a few elements that I disagree with. They were both good articles, though like Matt Cutts, I do not agree with all of his points. Three years ago Danny Sullivan wrote two articles "25 Things I Love About Google" and "25...